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Care Check Call - Even one simple discreet call a day to check on the well being of a loved one provides support, a greater sense of security and peace of mind so that one can lead a more independent life.
Insulin Reminder - A simple and effective service which reminds a user to take their insulin and lets a concerned care contact know if an insulin reminder has been missed.
Medicine Reminder - The introduction of medicine reminders can reassure service users, family members and other care contacts that a person is gently reminded and reliably supported.
Night Safety Call - A discrete and reassuring call made in the evening to remind someone to lock their doors and windows. Unfortunately burglars and intruders target elderly people and taking security measures to reduce this risk will give peace of mind to a person and to their care contacts.
Community Alarm Pendant Reminder - A supplementary solution to remind a person to wear their pendant alarm and to reassure care contacts and the service user that they are constantly supported.
Personal Reminders - Using text to speech software, reminders can be fully customized to deliver the message that is needed. Examples include:

  • Appointment Reminder
  • Prescription Collection reminder
  • Pension Collection Reminder
  • Community Alarm Pendant Test
  • Personal Reminder
  • Social Events Reminder
CareConnectMe can also act as a response to falls and so offer the reassurance and confidence necessary for a more active lifestyle. Furthermore, an early response to a fall decreases the likelihood of: hypothermia, feelings of anxiety, fear and further complications.

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