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Using CareConnectMe
Calls to reduce low
level home care checks
by only 1 hour a day can
save a person upwards
of £6,000 a year
based on average rates.

This equates to upwards
of £6,000,000 worth of
annual savings per
1000 service users.

* Prices Exclude VAT

The Next Step

Setting up an account on our homepage is incredibly simple and fast. Within a person's account page, purchases can be made and services can be activated and tailored to meet a person's specific needs.
There are 2 payment options - Subscription and Pay As You Go (PAYG)
Once Care Receiver, Care Contact and Call Schedule details are entered and payment is taken via our secure online payment system, activation is instant and live.

If I want to add more calls, add more care receivers, start calling mobile phones, etc. do I need to let you know?
Not at all, our system will recognise your change in service and deduct from your account balance accordingly. However your present subscription/balance will now run out quicker due to the upgrade in services.
What happens if my account balance will run out before my next direct debit is due, because I have increased the number of calls I receive?
When your account balance decreases to approximately 4 weeks left of service based on current usage, we will notify you and you will have 2 easy options:
1.There is a top up facility on your account page to enable you to add to your account balance OR
2.You can contact us and we can arrange for your monthly direct debit to be increased (we need 8 days notice prior to the next payment date please).

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