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How it Works
Use our easy online system to set up and receive up to 6 discreet safety/reminder calls a day and use any combination of our services at set times of your choosing to Landlines or Mobile phones.
CareConnectMe's automated system attempts to call the service user. On answering a CareConnectMe Call, you will be asked to press the No.1 button on the telephone keypad to confirm that you have received the call and are well.
If a response is received then the system will log the call and wait for the next scheduled call. If there is no response we will retry in 30 minutes.
If a response is not received from the second call I.e in the event of a fall. The system will immediately notify up to 6 Assigned Care Contacts via Email, SMS or Both that the person has not answered their 2nd CareConnectMe Call and assistance may be required.
In the event that a user is in trouble, a No. 0 button press during any CareConnectMe call will instantly alert the person's care Contact's that immediate assistance is required.

Now living alone
doesn't have
to mean
you feel alone
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